The rocky seabeds of the coast of L’Estartit are inhabited by a formidable biodiversity among unique submarine landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

With a mask and snorkel you can discover the abundance and great variety of fishes, invertebrates, algae and marine plants that live here.

Maybe you’ll find an octopus, some starfishes and plenty of fishes like the Goldline bream, the Grey mullet, the White seabream, the Thinklip grey mullet and the sea urchin

Posidonia is a submarine plant that creates meadows where many juvenile fishes take shelter. It is only found in the Mediterranean.  And the Pèl salper is a brown algae that indicates good quality of seawater.

When snorkelling we recommend that you:

  • Wear a mask, a tube and flippers.
  • Are always accompanied by another person.
  • Take care and watch the state of the sea and the weather.
  • Respect the flora and fauna.



Tourist information : Monday-Friday: 09-20h Saturday - Sunday: 10-20h
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