Our municipality boasts a rich and varied cultural life, with music as the most present of all the arts. Art, music and heritage place Torroella de Montgrí and l’Estartit among the major cultural destinations of Catalonia.

Our musical heritage comes from way back and we can be truly proud of this rich tradition.

The town has a comprehensive annual programme of musical recitals, concerts and sardana dancing, most of them played in the Auditori Espai Ter, as well as the prestigious summer Festival de Torroella.

It is also a town of painters, sculptors, writers and photographers, with a dynamic cultural scene that has attracted several private foundations and art galleries: Vila Casas Foundation, Mascort Foundation, Atrium Roca Sans and Traç d’Art (L’Estartit), and municipal spaces such as St Anthony’s Chapel in Torroella and the Municipal Exhibition Hall in L’Estartit.

Fairs and festivals

Fairs and festivals have always played a vital role in our local culture.

With time-honoured fairs and festivals, fiestas and street parties, sardana dancing, sea shanty concerts, parades of traditional “giants”, maritime processions, and everything else that gives a town its personality and identifies it with its roots.

Other more innovatory festivals are slowly but surely attracting their own public: Mediterranean Fair, Magic Festical, Beatles Weekend and Medes Islands Pirates and Corsairs.

Calendar of the main festivities, festivals and popular traditions of the municipality

Torroella de Montgrí and l’Estartit

  • Parade of the Three Wise Men | 5th and 6th January
  • Carnival
  • Saint George’s Day | 23rd April
  • Catalonia National Day | 11th September

Torroella de Montgrí


  • Saint John’s Eve | 23rd June
  • Carmel Festival | 16th July
  • Beatles Weekend / July
  • Jazz l’Estartit / July
  • Saint Anna’s Day | 26th July
  • Medes Islands Pirates and Corsairs / September
  • Saint Lucia | 13th December


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