The ancient house Quintana-Badia, located in the historic centre of Torroella de Montgrí, is where we can find atrium.

Its expositive spaces, placed around the gothic courtyard, aim to show the artistic work of Joan Carles Roca Sans (a visual artist). Atrium wants to offer a space for critic reflection.

Atrium offers a space where we can exchange experiences related to visual arts. its expositive spaces, placed around the courtyard of the ancient house Quintana Badia, show the proposals of Joan Carles Roca Sans, an artist with a wide thematic and existential repertoire who at the beginning of the 70’s left Barcelona in order to settle in l’Empordà. His paintings are his excellent way of showing his visual expression, although he also expresses himself through architecture and he does art installations, photography, digital engraved, videos and editions of serigraph.

Atrium programmes temporary exhibitions during summer. The guest artists, coming from everywhere, have as a common denominator that they live in l’Empordà.


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