3. The port of l’Estartit

Due to l’Estartit situation, its buildings have been, for many years, at the mercy of the sea storms and flash flooding from the Ter river.

The first homes were built on the mountainsides and protected from the sea by a stone seawall. The growth of the town of l’Estartit is due in part to the existence of good fishing grounds, so when piracy began to wane in the early 18th century, fishermen began to flock to the area, leaving their craft on the sandy beaches when they weren’t out at the sea.

The first jetty providing more efficient protection to l’Estartit was built in the 20th century. This was the beginning of today’s port. It was located near the remains of the circular defence tower, which was built in the times when the pirates threatened the coast. The last jetty of today’s port is located behind this tower.


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