Our municipality’s quality brand is Nature

Our municipality’s quality brand is Nature, whose ageless generosity can be seen in mountain, valley, river, orchards, wetlands, beaches, coves, dunes and islands. With the passing of time, the equilibrium between man and the land has become fragile, and we have had to provide the means to restore this precious balance. The newly created Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Nature Park is now making this possible.

Torroella de Montgrí includes 68% of the total Nature Park area of 8192 hectares (23% marine area and 77% land area).

Think green in the Montgrí,
Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park

Ten ideas to make your visit to the natural park “greener”.
There are many ways of ensuring that your visit to our natural park is more ecological. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1 | Discover a spectacle of colours

The Medes Islands and the virgin coastline of Montgrí are a true paradise. The various depths allow for all kinds of diving experiences for both amateurs and professionals. Seeing this spectacle of colours is a unique experience, with seagrass meadows, gorgonian forests, corals, grouper fish and lobsters, among other species. The diving centres and the different activity companies will show you everything.

2 | Fall in love with our flora and fauna

Discover the large number of marine and terrestrial habitats providing wonderful landscapes.

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3 | Be eco-responsible

Respect the park rules, which are designed to make the management of this area compatible with its conservation.
Read through the park rules.

4 | Bring your binoculars

From one of the vantage points in the wetlands of Ter Vell and La Pletera you can observe the wide variety of species, birds, reptiles and vegetation typical of lagoons and marshes.
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5 | Visit us during the different seasons of the year

Summer is a great time to come to Torroella and L’Estartit, but each season brings different moments of joy and surprises! Discover the birds in spring, the spectacular colours in autumn and the cool air of winter.

6 | Leave your car at home!

It’s worth checking out the public transport options before you decide to come to our park by car. You may be surprised to learn how you can get here by bus or train or a combination of both. And, once you’re here, you can get around by bus, bike, boat or on foot. For further information,
Getting here.

7 | Glide over the sea

Sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, kiteboarding and stand-up paddleboarding are all sports linked to the sea that allow you to sail, get from one place to another and even glide over the water!
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8 | Put on your trainers and go for a stroll

Hiking and cycle tourism have a low environmental impact and are hugely beneficial for our health.View all the routes through the park

9 | Add value to ECST establishments

The companies that have signed up to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism are the ones that make the greatest effort to make their activity sustainable and work together with those who manage natural areas. View the list of ECST companies here.

10 | Enjoy the local products

Local commerce, home-grown products, a good service and a friendly atmosphere. Fine meals, home cooking and creative cuisine, with restaurateurs who enthusiastically prepare their varied menus with regional products for all tastes. Traditional weekly markets take place on Mondays in Torroella and on Thursdays in L’Estartit, with the fruit, vegetables, sought-after organic products, clothing and other items proving that these long-standing commercial gatherings are still full of hustle and bustle.

One park, three landscapes

Different flora and fauna habitats for you to discover.

The new Nature Park highlights interesting features of the Montgrí area, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter wetlands, and has ensured the future of the landscape, the natural habitats, the land and marine flora and fauna, and the cultural heritage of the area.

17 itineraries through the park and a wide variety of natural and cultural landscapes.

Where can we find information on the Natural Park?

You will find interesting suggestions for exploring the local nature spaces at the Museum of the Mediterranean information desk and at the Tourist Offices in L’Estartit and Torroella de Montgrí. Itineraries are available to help you find your way around the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Nature Park and enjoy the natural landscapes with their thousand-year-old cultural legacy.


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