5. Carrer de les Illes en de inzoutingsindustrie

The Carrer de les Illes (Island Street) was also called “Carrer de Darrera” (Back Street), in reference to the street’s location with regard to Santa Anna street, which was the “Carrer de Davant” (Front Street). On this street we can still see two lintels of houses dating from 1763 and 1790.

Houses in l’Estartit formerly consisted of two-storey buildings, most of them facing south. The inhabitants of l’Estartit were farmers as well as fishermen, and for this reason most of the houses had spaces assigned to each specific task.

L’Estartit had a cottage industry specialising in salting fish, given the need to preserve food. Can Borrat, Can Audivert and Can Domingo Salador were some of the salting plants that formerly existed in l’Estartit. These factories smoked sardines, salted anchovies, and built boxes for packing fish.


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