The “Town Square” is porticoed in an irregular manner but in very elegant proportions. Here the sardana as we know it today was danced for the first time. On the west side, the house at number 6 is notable for its Gothic-Renaissance window. To the east stands the 13th– century Sant Antoni chapel with an 18th– century façade, now converted into an exhibition hall. The Town Hall is from the 15th and 16th centuries. To the north, a magnificent sundial presides over one of the houses, and beside it there is an admirable Renaissance-style balcony.

Behind the Plaça de la Vila there’s the square dedicated to the composer Pere Rigau, which is the town’s traditional fish market. This square, formerly known as the Plaça of the moon, by the artist Francesc Ruestes, Carrer de Primitiu Artigas leads to the Passeig de Catalunya, a busy commercial street.


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